A painting caused controversy by winning an art competition

An artist created controversy by winning the first prize in the Colorado art competition (United States), in the “digital art” category, at the end of August. Jason M. Allen submitted three paintings made using artificial intelligence, including “Space Opera Theater”, which won the Grand Prize, reports the media Vice on August 31.

The tool used to make the table is called Midjourney. It is a research laboratory and the name of the artificial intelligence program created by this same laboratory, producing images from textual descriptions, with operation similar to DALL-E of OpenAI. The tool is currently in open beta and is intended to be accessible via Discord.

Entitled “Space Opera Theater”, his creation depicts an opera scene in a distant universe, where the characters stand facing a huge circular opening, from which comes an intense light. The decor, halfway between the baroque and futuristic styles, sublimates this painting with warm colors.

Instead of a brush, it was his spoken instructions that guided the AI. Proud to have won this competition, Jason Allen is however aware that his work is not unanimous: “I knew it would cause controversy”. “It’s interesting how all these people on Twitter who are against AI-generated art, are the first to throw the human under a bus discrediting the human element,” he exclaimed on Tuesday. last on the Discord server, before questioning: “Does this seem hypocritical to you guys? “.

His reaction follows the many criticisms he had to face after winning the competition. Indeed, many Internet users, especially artists, have expressed their dissatisfaction. “The death of the profession of artist is unfolding right now before our eyes. If creative professions are not machine-proof, then even high-skill professions risk becoming obsolete. What will we be left with then? noted one Twitter user, while artist Genel Jumalon called Jason Allen’s artwork “pretty shitty.”

For his part, Jason Allen defended his project, highlighting the creative process that led to the creation of these works. “I worked on a special order, which I will post at a later date, from which I created hundreds of images, and after weeks of refining and curating, I chose my three results favourites”, he detailed in a publication before the announcement of the winners.


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