A new watch cheaper than the Apple Watch SE?

This Wednesday, the Apple Watch Series 3 will retire which would have deserved to be less late, while Apple should present an update to the Apple Watch SE with the S8 chip instead of the S5 chip in addition to the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro at the top end. Three new models, but questions for the entry level: while the Apple Watch Series 3 is now sold from €219 and the Apple Watch SE from €299, Apple is preparing really unveil an improved Apple Watch SE while lowering its price to maintain an aggressive call price?

According to New York Times, this would not be the case: Apple would provide a fourth model which would be cheaper than the Apple Watch SE to succeed the Apple Watch Series 3. Apple would target in particular the very young public without a smartphone, but that parents wish to be able to contact through the watch’s cellular connection. We do not know what the design of this new model would be (would it take over the rectangular screen of the Series 3?), and even less its name, when no rumor had mentioned its potential existence so far. End of suspense tomorrow evening at 7 p.m..

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