a new book by his lawyer promises to reveal the unsaid of an injustice

“I inform you, exclusively, of the publication on September 14 of my book co-written with Georges Fenech, former examining magistrate”, announced Sylvie Noachovitch, Omar Raddad’s lawyer on his Twitter account.

To shed light that has kept France in suspense for years, the lawyer has decided to publish a book in which she intends to give her own vision and her own version of the facts.

For the lawyer, it is a fight for the truth, this one wants, through her book, to denounce the verdict returned in 1994 by the Court of the Alpes-Maritimes. A decision that “can not be explained” according to her.

On the French radio station RTL, the lawyer affirms that the “investigating committee is in possession of incredible new elements, names of suspects, of people likely to have committed the murder of Madame Marchal, but certainly not that of ‘Omar Raddad, whose DNA has never been found”.

For the record, the body of Ghislain Marchal was discovered by the police in 1991. They also discovered an inscription “Omar killed me” written on the wall with the blood of the victim. Sylvie Noakovitch is convinced that “it is the four DNA, mixed with the blood of the victim, found at the scene of the crime, which will tell us who killed Ghislaine Marchal”.


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