A meeting with “high Maghreb risks” according to Mustapha Tossa

Less than two months from its holding, the next Arab Summit organized in Algeria on November 1 and 2 will be one of the most attended in the history of these meetings of the Heads of State of the Arab League. It is under a climate of high tensions between the two Maghreb neighbors that this Summit will be held, which reserves either an Algerian-style scenario of detestation of Morocco or a Moroccan-style scenario of “outstretched hand”. For the political scientist and journalist Mustapha Tossa, it will inevitably be a Summit with “high North African risks”.

“It is undoubtedly one of the summits of the Arab League which will be the most scrutinized in recent decades”said the observer of Maghreb relations and specialist in Morocco in a column on the Atlasinfo site.

The journalist recalled that this Arab Summit was difficult to organize for Algeria, already because of covid-19, but also because of what he called “properly Algerian conjectures”. As such, he cites Algeria’s attempts to transform this international forum to advance its own agenda.

This political agenda of the regime in Algiers has manifested itself, among other things, in efforts to get the regime of Bashar El Assad to recover its seat within the Arab League, and the Arab States have rejected it.

For Mustapha Tossa, the insistence of Algiers on the Syrian issue “clearly obeys Iranian manipulation” Kingdom of Morocco in its total sovereignty over its Sahara.

The organization of such an event for Algiers was also an opportunity to promote separatism there by seeking to insidiously create a link between the Polisario militia and the Palestinian cause. “Algeria’s obsession with the Moroccan Sahara issue reveals an atavistic and blinding hatred that everyone denounces, so anachronistic has it become”indicates in this respect, the political scientist.

This summit at high risk from the Maghreb”he continues, mainly comes down to the diplomatic situation of rupture between Algiers and Rabat, and this relationship between the two capitals “was at the heart of the institutional showdown of its organization and the development of its political agenda.

But if he believes that the fantasies of the Algerian regime have been showered, on the Syrian question and the polisario, since the Arab League does not recognize the militia and has even updated its official map of member countries by clearly showing the borders of Morocco extending to its Sahara, the situation remains very sensitive all the same.

Morocco’s participation in this summit is one of the challenges of its success, but the question divides. Tossa believes that some would like Morocco not to do the honor of its participation in Algeria, and others would not want him to give them the opportunity to promote their agenda.

There are those “who do not want Morocco to participate through its presence and its will to give this Algerian regime, which has a tenacious hatred for it, the opportunity to engage in a spectacular international exhibition” and others who do not want Morocco to practice the policy of the empty chair”.

In the case of Morocco’s participation, ” the most optimistic say that the region is not immune to a happy accident of history which could trigger a form of detente in relations between Morocco and Algeria”says the journalist.

While the most pessimistic see it as a new opportunity for the Algerian regime, ” whose military DNA is composed of a structural antagonism against Morocco” for ” attempt to spread its anti-Moroccan venom. Even if it means indulging in complications and provocations against the Moroccan delegation”, and to cite as an example the recent sporting events during the Arab U17 Cup final which saw the Algerian regime encourage young footballers and the Algerian public to physically attack the young Moroccan under-17 team. That “provides information on the volume of hatred that this regime is ready to inject into the relationship with Morocco”.

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