a man flies over a river in a jetpack

Illustrative image — dnstudio / Shutterstock.com

The residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan were treated to a surprise: a man flew over the Grand River in a jetpack!

That man is Alex Wilson. He tested this unusual equipment from jet pack for the British company Gravity. He would have already used this incredible costume during more than 200 events! “It really is so intuitive and so natural to fly that anyone can do it”he told local reporters. “It’s not another plane, it’s really you who’s flying. »

Gravity suits use jet turbines attached to the wearer’s arms and back. The company believes that it will be possible to allow inexperienced thrill seekers to test the jetpack in a training center just outside London, UK. Considering the ease with which Alex Wilson was able to quietly fly over the river, it shouldn’t be too long before this equipment becomes a staple in the panoply of fashionable accessories!

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