A large blood collection campaign on the menu

A large blood collection campaign intended to replenish the stocks of this vital material essential to save human lives, was organized on September 3 and 4 in Chichaoua, as part of the 14th edition of its National Festival.

Through this initiative, the organizers of this event aim to give this festival a human, social and solidarity dimension, even beyond its cultural, artistic, civilizational and entertaining aspects.

Initiated by the Chichaoua Forum for Culture and the Arts, in partnership with the Regional Blood Transfusion Center (CRTS) of Marrakech-Safi, and the provincial delegation of health and social protection, this action aims to further promote the values ​​of solidarity and mutual aid that characterize Moroccan society.

In a statement to M24, MAP’s continuous news television channel, Mr. El Hassan Chouach, vice-president of the Chichaoua Forum for Culture and the Arts, said that this initiative is part of a regional and national context marked by an increasingly increased demand for this vital material, in particular to meet the needs expressed by certain patients but also, in the event of traffic accidents.

This campaign is also part of the social activities carried out by the Chichaoua Forum according to a well-defined, rich and diversified annual program, he recalled, expressing the Forum’s ambition to achieve more of 300 blood donors during this edition, especially since the inhabitants of Chichaoua in particular and Moroccans in general, are known for their generosity, their hospitality and their spirit of solidarity.

At the same time, he expressed his sincere thanks to all the organizers, to the provincial authorities, to the elected authorities, to the forces of order and to the partners, so that this Festival, through its contribution to the dynamics of tourism and economy and its multiple cultural, artistic and playful aspects, a resounding success.

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In a similar statement, Miss Nour Al-Akram, a young volunteer from the city of Agadir, expressed her joy in contributing to this blood donation campaign, which she did not hesitate to describe as “a beautiful human experience solidarity”, capable of saving lives.

She also expressed her determination to participate in other human actions in the future.

The 14th edition of the National Festival of Chichaoua, an eclectic event intended to promote and celebrate one of the richest and most emblematic local tangible and intangible heritage on a national scale, is placed this year under the theme “Chichaoua: memory and diversity, openness and continuity”.

Initiated by the Chichaoua Forum for Culture and the Arts, in partnership with the City Council of the city, this Festival also benefits from the support of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Communication, the Ministry of the Interior, the Council of the Marrakech-Safi Region as well as the provincial council.

This is an event rich in rhythms and sounds, designed to allow festival-goers to reconnect with their favorite arts and music, with a focus on a unique heritage that deserves to be valued and known to the general public.

On the menu of this Festival are fantasia shows, and local folk troupes, among others, “Ahouach”, “Houmada”, “Tisskiouine”, “Lahrarcha”, and “Al Ghita”, in addition to musical evenings hosted by icons “popular”, “Hassanie”, “Amazigh” Moroccan music, and that of young people, like “Oualid Errahmani”, “Zahira Rbatiya”, “Saïda Charaf”, “Badr Amir”, the group “Oudadden and “Said Senhaji”.

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