A First Look at Amy Hennig’s Project, the Marvel Game Featuring Black Panther & Captain America

Last Saturday was held Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, a conference quite rich in announcements with in particular a new trailer and a date for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. In addition, Mr. Mouse also allowed us to glimpse Amy Hennig’s new project, renowned screenwriter and director behind Jack & Daxter and Unchartedin charge of his studio Skydance New Media. A narrative action game starring the Black Panther and Captain America duo.

Until then, the details concerning this project were of the order of non-existent, and if the teaser does not reveal much more, it allows us all the same to have a better idea of ​​what awaits us. Apart from its membership in the Marvel universe which should not be unknown to you, we note that the title takes place during World War IIof course carried head-on by the forces of Hydra. AAA scale game, discussed to embody four characters, including the first Black Panther, Azzuri; a young Steve Rogers; Nanali, a Wakandan spy; as well as Gabriel Jones, an American soldier.

Although one might instinctively think of a 4-player cooperative game, Hennig clarified to IGN as it’s about a purely solo experience. Many elements are still to be determined – starting with its title – but that’s all we have to get our teeth into for the moment.

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