A few weeks before the recovery, the creepy images of Russell Westbrook!

The Lakers’ recovery will begin in a few weeks, with training camp on the Los Angeles side. A moment eagerly awaited by the players, who certainly want to get to know each other better before a season that promises to be decisive for the future. No room for error after last year’s fiasco, especially for Russell Westbrook. Fortunately, the leader seems in good shape.

Without playoffs last season, the Lakers will logically have a lot of pressure for the coming year. Jeanie Buss, the owner, has already announced the color: no question of reliving such a scenario, where major changes will occur in this workforce. We imagine departures among the players, of course, but also a big sweep in the front office. Rob Pelinka, the GM, is the first name that comes to mind, but not the last.

For now, we must try to be positive in the City of Angels. The staff remains quite confident, as do the players, like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. We know, for example, that if the latter manages to stay healthy all season, the Angelinos’ campaign will be radically different from that of last year. But can he avoid the infirmary for so long? Here is the question mark for the old Pelican.

Russell Westbrook boiling hot before the recovery!

The other unknown that reigns in Los Angeles is Russell Westbrook, still pending departure. To date, it is impossible to find a way out for him among the leaders, which means that the leader could be present on the first day of training camp. The agreement is present with his teammates, in particular Patrick Beverley, but it is his performances that worry the supporters. However, the latest videos of his shoot are reassuring.

In the first video, Brodie achieves an interesting 15/17 shooting (88%). It’s only training, of course, but it’s always reassuring a few weeks before the recovery to see the former Thunder player in this state. We must not forget his revenge side either, which could allow him to achieve a much better season in the jersey of the Purple and Gold. Start of response in a few weeks.

Just like his teammates, Russell Westbrook warms up in training before the restart. This bodes well for the future, especially for a player in great difficulty, and under fire from critics for months now. If the former MVP feels like shutting a few mouths, this 2022/23 fiscal year seems like the right time.

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