A dive into space

The Foundation of World Cultures (FCM) organized, Friday evening at the Royal Theater in Marrakech, a musical concert under the theme: “Space Opera: a star told me”.

During this musical journey, organized in partnership with Cadi Ayyad University (UCA), singers and musicians from Senegal, India, Italy and Morocco brilliantly performed songs that immersed the audience , especially students, into the magical world of space.

“This concert is part of the 24th edition of “Come To My Home”, an event that brings together artists, musicians and intellectuals from around the world, as part of a musical group of the Foundation, where they come together around a particular theme for each edition,” FCM member Younes Jabbari said in a statement to M24, MAP’s non-stop news channel.

The concert “Space Opera: a star told me” was given by a musical group made up of 15 artists from different cultures around the world, as well as students who are continuing their studies at Cadi Ayyad University, who have performed songs, in perfect harmony with the theme of this edition, noted Mr. Jabbari.

And to emphasize that the participation of university students in this edition is part of the partnership agreement between the Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech and the Foundation of World Cultures, which relates to the joint organization of cultural activities. and science, for the benefit of students and young people.

A Moroccan association with a national and international vocation, the Fondation des cultures du monde aims to promote knowledge and the promotion of Moroccan culture, as well as values ​​based on dialogue and respect for others, through interaction and the crossing of cultures.

It is designed as an international network whose openness to contributions wherever they come from, provided that their authors share common values, is the major asset. It works for a free dialogue between creators in all parts of the world.


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