A digital course is offered for beginners

With At the start of the school year, the Action Numérique mediators welcome beginners to bring out their digital needs.

Anyone with little training or who are totally neophytes can get information from the Action Numérique association. Solène Chavey, the coordinator, offers meetings “to discuss with interested people, in order to determine digital needs and their level of training. During such a workshop with eight participants, we try to understand how everyone organizes themselves with a computer, smartphone or tablet. We discover their centers of interest, which are different for each of them, in particular the basic knowledge and the handling of their equipment. »

Various themes such as ecology, Internet security, etc. are covered. “It is also necessary to master the vocabulary and, above all, to make these people aware of regular practice, given the permanent digital developments”. In addition, the association offers meetings on specific topics, such as saving money thanks to the Internet on September 15th.

Workshops with Carsat

In addition, the association runs introductory workshops on digital uses for seniors in the form of collective workshops in small groups in partnership with Carsat. “1,478 users have benefited from support for access to law and dematerialization for twelve months. »

Practice. Information on or by email at [email protected]


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