A big name in the league shows up at Victor Wembanyama’s game!

Just a few days before the start of the Betclic ÉLITE season, Victor Wembanyama is quietly fine-tuning his preparation with Boulogne-Levallois. His last performance was also followed on the spot by a prestigious spectator who came straight from the NBA!

The American scouts did not wait until the last season before his draft to go fishing for information concerning him. Victor Wembanyama has indeed been the focus of NBA teams’ attention for several years now, and this should only increase in the months to come. The huge match that awaits him in a few days should in particular act as a big revealer for the French nugget.

In the meantime, Wembz is busy finding rhythm during the preparation of the Metropolitans 92, which he joined this summer from ASVEL. This is what he was able to do, for example, during the recent friendly match against Le Portel, during which he signed a sequence of the most creepy. A sequence that a high-ranking member of a top-team in the big league experienced very closely.

Victor Wembanyama observed in person by an NBA GM

Watched by almost all the franchises, Wembanyama evolved against Portel under the eyes of a certain… Brad Stevens. Asked by Lukas Nicotthe GM of Boston was clear about the reasons for his presence at the Palais des Sports Marcel-Cerdan:

I came to Europe for a few days to attend training and preparatory matches like the one today.

A good part of our staff monitors videos and anything that may be posted online concerning prospects from the middle of their high school course. And here you have 15, 16, 17 year old players who are already professional. So we keep an eye on them too, because we not only have to know the generation that is coming this year, but also those of the next ten.

Looking to the future despite the Celtics’ current excellent results, Stevens is closely following the prowess of Wembanyama, whom he hopes to have the chance to draft next June. For that, it will still be necessary for Jayson Tatum & Co. to sign a bad season, and thus be able to dream of the 1st pick. A scenario that would obviously not displease the general manager, who had already traveled to Europe to scrutinize Victor last year!

Victor Wembanyama still fascinates NBA executives, like Brad Stevens who goes so far as to go to Levallois to study him. The GM of the Celtics should not however be the only one to take place at Marcel-Cerdan this season!

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