25 years ago, Lady Di’s last summer on the Coast

In her one-piece swimsuit, the princess becomes one with the Mediterranean. Lady Di jumps off the pontoon, throws herself into the waters of Saint-Tropez. Its beauty strikes down the summer of 1997 on the Côte d’Azur.

A few days later, on August 31, the Princess of Wales died violently. A temple was erected to him at Northampton as his last royal burial. Diana Spencer, thirty-six forever.

At the Castel Sainte-Thérèse with William and Harry

His disappearance only appears more violent in the face of his last happy days. That summer, the princess of hearts made them capsize. More than ever, she appears in front of the cameras as the ambassador of the independent woman. Free. Rebel.

Officially divorced for a year – even if the separation dates from 1992 – from Prince Charles, Diana leaves with her two children, Harry and William, on vacation. Head to the Côte d’Azur for a stay in one of the most publicized towns in the world. Ten years after her remarkable appearance on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, the beauty is facing a new horizon.

His host? The Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, who owns a sublime waterfront villa: the Sainte-Thérèse castle. It is in this Mediterranean setting that the aristocrat meets the eldest son of the owner of the Ritz: Dodi. The film producer will seduce the single arrival on July 11 on the tarmac at Nice airport. Direction the port of Saint-Laurent to board the yacht Jonikalbelonging to the owner of the famous British luxury store Harrods.

Pizzas and family dancing in a privatized club

The fairy tale is written with Saint-Tropez salt. So shocking!

On August 10, the tabloid The Sun displays on its front page the photo costing three million francs taken by Mario Brenna. “The kiss” in capital letters: the beginnings of a romance which will seize the press of the whole world. The lovebirds enjoy the intimacy on the waves between Monte-Carlo, Corsica or even Sardinia.

The witnesses of the time also evoke the privatization of the discotheque of the hotel La Ponche baptized The beach in Saint Tropez. An evening far from the atmosphere underground Londoner since with the children and their bodyguards, the lovers will order pizzas and dance on the top 50.

Prophetic, the tube of Puff Daddy I’ll Be Missing You (1) prancing in the bestsellers of 97 sounds different.

In a few days, the princess will be no more. Just like his new companion. A fatal affair that was called into question once the flowers faded and the tears dried. Staging? Real crush? There remain the consonants and vowels calligraphed by the disappearance of the Alma bridge: “My sweet Dodi. God knows how much I thank you for my six most magical days spent on the waves of the Mediterranean.”

A timeless fashion icon

Beyond the tragic, the name of Lady Di resonates with a sweet melody for fashion lovers. If, when she married in 1981, her silhouette disappeared completely in eight meters of train and puffy fabric, it was her casual look that seduced women of her generation.

In the 90s, the suit was pop and her Dior bag never left her. If, today, the “Lady Dior” model is intrinsically linked to it, it is thanks to… Bernadette Chirac. Yes, it was the first lady of the time who gave him this piece – which was initially called “the darling” – of leather goods. Absolutely a fan of creations made in Paris, the princess appears in front of the objectives of the whole world with. We tear up the favorite of Diana Spencer, who has just acquired thanks to her her four letters of nobility: “Lady”. Timeless, the bag reinvents itself and always sells.

The “dress of revenge”

Never vulgar, but rather ferocious – we remember the episode of the “revenge dress”, incredible sheath signed Christina Stambolian, which she wore for her first public appearance after the revelation of Prince Charles’ infidelities -, Diana bet on comfort when away from official events. High waisted white shorts, buckled belt and simple tee. With, always, imposing gold earrings. One of his trademarks.

In the summer of 1997, she bet mainly on the one-piece swimsuit. But colourful: blue with green print, fluo green and purple, fawn print. Little detail that does it all: the mini-pareo nonchalantly tied on one hip. His highness influences the fashion world, his sense of style is immortal.


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