1440p, game listings and other new features rolling out to PS5 today – News

It’s through a new post on the official PlayStation blog that Sony has just announced the rollout of this update for the PS5 all over the world. An update that includes the implementation of 1440p resolution for games that support it and compatible screens. And if the title you’re playing supports 4K resolution, choosing 1440p will come with higher anti-aliasing thanks to upsampling to that resolution.

In addition to this new display option, the update deployed today introduces the possibility of creating lists of games within its library. It will thus be possible to create up to 15 lists of 100 games each, whether on disc, downloaded or in streaming. On the sound side, it is now possible to compare 3D and stereo audio renderings before making your choice on the same screen. Another notable feature: the addition of notifications when a friend from the same Party launches a title on which we are likely to join him. And, still in the social chapter, it is now possible to send a screen sharing request to a friend from voice chat. We should also mention the voice search on the YouTube application allowing you to launch a request on the fly, even in the middle of the game. However, this is currently only available in English for accounts registered in the United States. USA and UK.

Finally, Sony will also update the PlayStation application for smartphones and tablets which will allow the launch of a session in remote play since the latter. The date of the deployment of this update has not yet been announced but the manufacturer promises a progressive integration in the different territories.

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